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I work with photographers to increase their website traffic.

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No more waiting weeks and paying thousands of dollars to understand how to get more organic traffic to your photography website.

From #29 to #1 on Google.

When I worked with this incredible St. Louis photographer, I set the realistic expectation that we set with all of our clients— no guaranteed results or immediate results.

With time, continued recommended keyword-focused content and lots of patience, Google is now showing her on page one for her specialty keywords.

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Don't go down the rabbit hole with dozens of strategies that may not fit with your photography business.

Why go with me over just trying to just Google your way through it all?

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Fix what you're comfortable with and delegate the rest to me. It's all up to you + your comfort level!

I worked with Britt & and it is the best money I have spent in a long time! She quickly provided very actionable, thoughtful changes that were simple for me to implement but have made a HUGE difference in my number and quality of client inquiries.

- emily h.- family photographer

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Hey, you don't have to be so freaked out about SEO.

I've worked with photographers for 8+ years with their brand, website + SEO strategy. I understand all the things on your plate and I also know SEO will never take the top spot on your list of things to-do.

With degrees in Web Content Development, Communications and being certified in Local SEO, I'm here to make sure your website has the best opportunity to be seen on Google.

britt hyatt | ceo and founder

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- kate s. // wedding photographer

Client Love

“Holy shit, what did you do to my website?! Like the last 2 days I have had 4 new inquiries — 2 from Google!” 

- mandy p. // portrait photographer

“By the way, I’m on page 4 of Google now! I was on page 19 when I hired y’all! Moving on up!”

- lindsay r. // newborn photographer

“Sooo..I’ve gotten 3 Fresh 48 inquiries this week that have found me through Google. THANK YOU!!! Whatever you did is working.” 

- lyndsay h. // wedding photographer

“I’m listed as the first result for Boston Elopement Photographer. You guys are the best. I’ve never been ranked on the first page for weddings before!”

- Danielle c. // wedding videographer

“Literally just got another dream inquiry for wedding video at a resort on the coast of Lake Michigan via Google Search!!!"

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