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Don't let SEO be the 10,000 piece puzzle that you'll never solve. With my help, I will ensure that you'll have a crystal clear understanding of SEO, a crazy effective strategy for your photography website, and an action plan that will give you confidence on how to manage it long-term.

My goal to make SEO less intimidating and more approachable for photographers

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Some of my beliefs here at SEO4P.

Designer. Strategist. Fangirl. Changemaker.

My goal is to only help people that want to be helped. Those that value honesty + kindness.

You'll be able to tell I'm from Ohio just by hearing me speak for the first time. I laugh a ton and I always want to make sure that anyone I work with feels the virtual hug they deserve.

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45-minute consultation call with me to discuss any questions, concerns or specific details around SEO for your photography business. It's an open forum and we can put together a plan for tackling your SEO in the best way.


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