SEO for Family Photographers

SEO helps improve the visibility of your website in search engine results. 

When potential clients search for family photography services or specific keywords related to family photography, a well-optimized website is more likely to appear higher in the search rankings, increasing the chances of attracting free traffic.

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Let our team help you learn how to optimize your family photography website!


current site health

We'll show you if there are any technical issues with your current website affecting SEO (i.e. URL structure, broken links, etc.) 

We'll show you if you're ranking for any keywords on Google, the ranking number and which pages on your website are ranking

Which photography competitors are ranking on Google for keywords that your website should be ranking for? We'll show you!

current rankings

competitor research

Here's what you can expect from us:


keyword recos

Not only will we show you keyword recommendations, we'll show you exactly where + how to use them on your pages and blog.

The user experience of your website impacts your SEO. We'll walk through it on video for you to give you strategic suggestions.

Stuck on what to do with website content? Blogging just not working for you? We'll give you suggestions of how to improve your content!


content suggestions

$700 one-time fee. 7 business day turnaround.
No on-going contracts or sleazy gotcha behavior here.

we even work behind-the-scenes with website designers to improve their clients' seo!

"SEO For Photographers has been an amazing addition to our team. I love our laid-back work relationship. Knowing I can send a quick email and have them on a project in no time! My clients are so happy knowing their websites actually have real SEO strategies in place at launch and I'm happy knowing they're getting more than just a pretty website"

- Courtney, Brand + Website Designer

From #29 to #1 on Google.

When we worked with this incredible St. Louis photographer, we set the realistic expectation that we set with all of our clients— no guaranteed results or immediate results.

With time, continued recommended keyword-focused content and lots of patience, Google is now showing her on page one for her specialty keywords.

We won't just show you what's wrong. We'll show you how to fix it and you can choose whether to hire our team to make future fixes.

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$700 one-time fee. 7 business day turnaround.
No on-going contracts or sleazy gotcha behavior here.

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Get the Local SEO Guide for Family Photographers

• We'll show you where to find keywords your local clients are using on Google, so you have confidence you're using keywords people are actually searching.

• How to effectively use keywords on your website so that you're not missing out specific places to use them that Google will love.

• How to optimize your Google Business profile to maximize your reach from the moment potential clients see search results.

What we will never guarantee

We do not guarantee a #1 spot on Google. No SEO company can guarantee you a #1 spot on Google without paid advertising. And, we won't either. Because of so many algorithm changes and your competition always changing, be careful of any SEO company guaranteeing high placement on Google for your keywords.

Implementing a successful SEO strategy is worth the time, and patience is key.

We do not guarantee immediate results. It's common to see some minor improvements within the first few weeks or months, but it can often take months to see substantial improvements in search rankings.

The key is to understand that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and consistent effort is required to see desirable results.

We do not guarantee inquiries/bookings. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your photography website, but it's ultimately up to your website to convert that traffic into leads and bookings. 

While SEO does not guarantee bookings, it can still significantly enhance your photography business’s online presence and visibility, which increases its potential for more bookings.

never, never, never.

even if you don't work with us, never believe any company that guarantees any of these things.

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